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I don’t think this newsletter went out on the 18th of October. Therefore, I am resending it with additional material.

Contribute online at Many are partnering with this ministry, sowing weekly and monthly into this ministry because we are affecting many lives in such a powerful way Doing the SUPERNATURAL Works of Jesus. Please consider giving$50.00 per month or more to partner with this ministry.

Please tell your friends what you have experienced at Deliverance Ministries on Monday nights. Invite them to experience the same freedom you have experienced. We have cards available on Monday nights and at the office for the purpose of handing out to those who are experiencing problems that are most likely caused by evil spirits. Pick up cards and hand them out.


5:30 pm Monday nights at 900 N. May Ave., location of the Faith Fellowship Church building and Heart Menders. Oklahoma City, OK 73107. Please plan on coming for the full evening of ministry. The teaching and door closing prayers are mandatory to receive ministry. Most feel much better at the end of the evening because they have been desperate to do whatever it takes to receive their deliverance. Some are finished by 10:00 pm; others need to come back after the first session. We minister until 11:30 pm for those who need it and for those who are unfinished, return the following week.


The new website is up and running. All of the problems with the older website have been corrected and eliminated. The web address is still the same… Now, we have found that we are getting as many hits in ½ day as we did in a month previously. We are in the process of adding a new dimension that will be called: We are thinking about the general public and how to reach out to the lost or the unchurched that may be experiencing problems. Please let us know areas that you would like to have included in this section of the website.


More than 40% of all demons torment people because they are there by assignment. They have no legal rights and there are no open doors. Based on what someone else has said or because of a curse placed on them directly by a witch, demons of the assignment are tormenting them. So, be sure to command all demons of the assignments to leave in Jesus Name. –Everett Cox


Finally, I experience peace in my mind. Before receiving ministry this evening my mind was filled with racing thoughts that were completely out of control.

I feel so hot. The Holy Spirit feels like fire.

A young girl came to a mission I was ministering at after just getting saved. She was tormented with thoughts and feelings revolving around her mother’s suicide nearby just 3 years previously. We helped her forgive and cancel judgments against her mother, breaking ungodly soul ties, commanding spirits to leave, when all of a sudden she jumped up and ran around the room saying, “I feel so hot. I feel so hot.” as Jesus healed her broken heart and set her free.

Ministry tonight seemed to go very easy. I just followed the steps and the person I was ministering to felt so much better. Jesus amazes me that He wants to use me.

Growing up, I was raped twice by my babysitter. Later, I was raped at gunpoint; then, raped and molested more times than I could count. That seemed to open the door to sexual activity… so many sexual partners. I dabbled in Yoga, horoscopes, New Age, Psychic abilities, ESP and numerology. Now I am sick… diabetes, diverticulitis, ADHD, etc and I need to be healed. After ministry with this precious young person I felt so much lighter and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit trusting the Holy Spirit to bring healing.

All of the pain in my back and knee left. I could breathe better and I felt so much lighter after breaking ungodly soul ties with my Mom and the sexual group. Thank you Jesus.

Thank you for all your prayers when my husband died and then was resurrected. The cardiologist 2 months ago said he doesn't look or act like a man that had type 4 heart attack and heart failure! Cardiologist called it a true miracle! And the BEST part of it all is that The LORD restored our marriage!

All the pain is gone… all the pain in my back and neck is gone. Thank You Jesus.

I could hear the demons talking out of my mouth. Later, I could feel them leave. Their gone. Amazing!

The head demon of suicide revealed he came in when she was very young… a gas station owner put an assignment of suicide on all his customers. Because she believed God was going to reject her, it gave legal rights to the demons to stay. When she repented for her fear, we sent all the demons to the feet of Jesus. The fight is not finished… to get the healing Jesus paid for her to receive, she will need to renew her mind to the will of God with the Word of God so that she can receive all that is hers by faith.

All of the pain is gone… no more pain in my back or my feet. Thank you Jesus.

After commanding an unloving spirit to leave a tangible presence of peace descended on it. We could only sit in silence soaking in the peace of God.



Excellent article concerning our young people and Halloween.

Our job as parents and grandparents is to protect our children. I will never forget a demon manifesting and talking out of the woman saying it had come in through Halloween.

Here is a good link on the dangers of Harry Potter:

Everett's Book plus videos are available from

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Invisible Barriers to Healing by Derek Prince

Speaking in Tongues proven by science.

08-05-13 Team Training by Everett Cox and Philip Pratt.

People receive deliverance on the web with videos at

Key Articles from


CUBA: A team of 3 Oklahomans are heading to Havana, Cuba in December. This mission began in 2011. They will be ministering at the St. Lazarus Festival where 25,000 santeria worshippers will be attending.  This global festival is where the attendees plead for healing from the lazarus idol. Their idol is of Lazarus before his healing with his leprosy sores and dogs licking his wounds.

The team will also be ministering miracles and healing at services in the Christian Churches in Havana. There is also meetings with the lead satanic priest over the country of Cuba. They will be meeting in his home and showing him the love of Jesus.

Please pray for the team during the December 12-20th trip. To sign up for intercessory prayer for the team and for the country of Cuba, please contact:

CLINTON, OK DELIVERANCE MINISTRIES: We are training Pastors, Ministers and interested individuals to minister deliverance in Clinton, OK. There is a great need for this works of Jesus in every city. We want to be supportive of any ministry including healing the broken heart and driving out demons into their focus. Jesus said, “The works that I do you shall do, and greater works than these shall you do.”

PHONE MINISTRY: We are now receiving more and more requests for ministry by phone… about one every other day. Please let us know if you are available for telephone ministry…

YOUR CITY, YOUR STATE: We are developing training on video so that you can step out and do these supernatural works of Jesus wherever you are in the world.


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